Common Mistakes Guitar Players Make

Although many players are passionate about their playing, work hard, and practice most day of the week, they still play the way they want. They can feel disappointed because their playing is not improved fast to become a better guitar player. Sure, there are many specific reasons for this problem. Here are some common mistakes guitarists make, and you should know to avoid.

Practicing alone

If you practice alone, you can easily to make some mistakes, and you don’t realize them. Therefore, you should avoid it from the start. When playing with others, you can get some good methods from them. They may help to get your playing to the next level. Of course, you can also play with a whole band.

Not paying enough attention to tempo and timing

You can practice very hard, but sometimes you have not a metronome or not the time to get one. As a result, you can’t make music when you can’t stay on beat, or keep count. You should use an online metronome, or download a metronome app onto your phone in order to practice every session. They are available and free for you. You have had used a metronome before playing guitar unless you will get some bad staying on beat.

Trying to play too fast too soon

The speed actually depends on your practice sessions. Some players think that they can play after a month. However, the fact is not true. The important thing you need to do is playing slowly and correctly, but not playing fast and sloppy. Besides, you have to know how to control your fingers in order to carry out precise movements. Only when you learn at slow speeds, you can do this. At first, play slow, and then speed up naturally.

Not getting enough practice

Practicing guitar is the most important thing to advance your ability to play. It is also a secret for many people to learn guitar faster.

Not setting goals

You need to set goals in your learning to know where you’re going, and how to go to get there. In fact, many people just spend time stopping being angry and frustrated and don’t focus on their practice. Setting long-term goals now is really important for your guitar playing. Don’t allow yourself make this mistake. If necessary, you can find out a good guitar teacher who can help you do it.

Learning from too many different sources of information

Nowadays, you can find out millions of guitar lessons online. Therefore, many beginners jump from one free YouTube video to start learning. They don’t know that many videos are not effective. You can be distracted into following a piece of advice from one person.

You need to have an effective strategy to become a good guitar player. You also should have one primary source of training, information, and coaching. Just consider other advice as an additional resource and don’t become distracted by it. Seek a guitar teacher having proven teaching strategies, results, and training strategies.


It’s inevitable that you will make mistakes when setting out on learning something new. Sure, beginners have to get through the initial hardships. The most important thing is identifying those mistakes and learning how to avoid them.

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