Book Review: The Semi-Pro Sixth

The Semi-Pro Sixth

By David Caulfield

Published by:

ISBN: ISBN 978-0-9573542-0-3 Price: £11.99

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The 1960s was a fantastic decade for music in the UK. Rock ‘n Roll was turning into Rock and being in a band (though they were called ‘groups’ back then) was just about compulsory for any schoolboy who wasn’t a nerd – and quite a few who were! But how did you do it? How did you actually become a musician? We look back on 1950s and ‘60s instruments with nostalgia but for every beige Vox AC30 and 1959 Les Paul there was also a host of uplayable rubbish that was all most could afford. There was next to no tuition available and nowhere to go for advice or help. The result was an era of self­teaching, invention and discovery – with a lot of hilarity on the way!


David Caulfield was one of the ‘60s wannabes who went on to spend his career in the musical technology field and has collected a host of anecdotes from friends and contemporaries about what it was like to be an aspiring Rock star back when no one was quite sure what a Rock star was. This book is most likely to appeal to UK readers – particularly those who were around at the time – and is one to dip into rather than take to the beach. It’s certainly going to bring back a lot of memories!


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